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How to Flow Ad Leads into a CRM

Leads generated through Facebook ads will always flow directly into your PSAI Com Portal. If your company uses a CRM and would like to flow these leads there as well, you can easily do that through an endpoint URL.

Follow the instructions below.

Want to flow other PSAI leads into your CRM (such as those from quote forms, weather widgets, or website chatbot)? Follow these instructions for pushing PSAI leads to a CRM.

1. Go to Ad Settings

The field to enter your CRM endpoint is located on the Ad Settings page.

  • If you are creating a brand-new ad, then you'll proceed through the beginning steps until you click the button for "Generate Ad." Then you'll be brought to the Ad Settings page. (See the entire process of creating a new ad here.)
  • If you're adding CRM information to a live or scheduled ad, then you'll first have to find the ad under "Your Team Ads." When you click the ad, you'll be brought to the Ad Settings page. (Learn how to use filters to find ads.)

Regardless of whether it's a new ad or an existing ad, the Ad Settings page looks the same, as shown below.


2. Enter the Endpoint URL

Once you've arrived on the Ad Settings page, scroll down until you see a section called "Advanced."


Click to open this section and then paste your endpoint into the provided field.


Not sure what the correct endpoint URL is? Some CRMs have an established endpoint, and some must be manually configured. If you aren't sure where to get your endpoint URL, contact your CRM's Support team for guidance.

3. Save Your Changes

Once you've added your CRM's endpoint URL, click "Save & Next" to save your changes.


Now all leads from this ad will flow into your CRM as well as the Com Portal. Learn more about communicating with leads in the Com Portal here.

Did you know? If you're a LISA customer with us, you can also flow PSAI leads into the LISA platform! In fact, your LISA admin URL will be automatically populated into each ad's endpoint field to make it easy for you.

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