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How to Add Your Privacy Policy URL to PSAI

To make sure that your company is in compliance with Facebook's advertising requirements, you must add a privacy policy to your website and then add the link in PSAI. Without a privacy policy saved to your company settings, you will not be able to use Ads Manager.

Follow the instructions below to add your privacy policy to PSAI.

This article assumes you already have a Facebook-compliant privacy policy. If you do not, start with our instructions on adding a privacy policy to your website.

1. Go to Your Company Settings

Navigate to your company's settings in PSAI by clicking Account.


2. Paste Your Privacy Policy

In the field for Your Privacy Policy (URL), paste the link to your privacy policy.


To avoid the potential for error, we recommend navigating to your privacy policy in another tab of your browser and then directly copying the link from there.

3. Save

Save your changes by clicking Save.




Once you've added your privacy policy to your website and linked to it in PSAI, you're ready to start creating and launching ads in Ads Manager. Learn more in these resources: