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What Are the Site Tool Settings?

Whenever you create any new site conversion tool in PSAI, you'll first need to enter some basic settings. These settings must be established whenever you first create a new tool, but you can also edit the settings of an existing site tool at any time.

These settings are located under the Settings tab and are described in more detail below.

Not sure how to get to a site tool's settings? Read our instructions on how to create a new site tool or how to customize a site tool.

Marketing Source Name


The first setting is for the name. In this field, give a custom name to your site tool. The more specific and clear your name is, the easier it will be to keep track of where your leads are coming from.

The name you choose here will be shown in the Com Portal as the source associated with the lead (shown below).


You'll also be able to filter leads in the Com Portal based on the name of your site tools—so choose something that makes sense to you and your other PSAI users.

Site Tool Type (Read Only)


The next setting, Site Tool Type, is a read-only field that shows you which type of site tool you are currently editing. (Once you've created your site tool, you cannot change the type.)

Location and AI Assisted Lead Qualification

The following two sections—Location and AI Assisted Lead Qualification—will only appear for the following types of Site Tools: Phone, Chat, and Facebook Business Chat. 



The Location settings allow you to select a location associated with this site tool, in order to pre-qualify leads. You can select a single location, Nationwide, or All Locations. 

Nationwide will consider all leads to be within your service area, while All Locations will verify that the lead falls within any of your specified locations.

AI Assisted Lead Qualification

Here you can adjust how you would like our AI chatbot GIA to assist with lead qualification. Here's what each option means:

  • AI Assisted Chat ONLY: Whenever a lead interacts with this site tool, GIA will collect as much information as possible and then flow the lead into the Com Portal, where your team can follow up later.
  • AI Teamwork: GIA acts as your offline teammate only. During business hours, our direct-to-text function will allow your team to reply to all initial inquiries; outside of business hours, GIA will handle inquiries until your team is back.
  • Direct To Text ONLY: Turn GIA off and instead enable direct-to-text function 24/7. Your team can reply to all initial inquiries immediately, regardless of business hours.



In this field, you'll add the website(s) where your site tool will appear. This would usually include your company's main website, plus any other sister sites or other marketing sites you use.

Once you start typing, PSAI will automatically suggest the website URL saved to your PSAI company settings. Hit enter to accept the suggestion, or keep typing if you are adding a different website.

Email Notifications


In this field, add all email addresses that you would like to be notified whenever a lead is submitted. You can add as many email addresses as you like, separated by commas. (These email addresses can belong to PSAI users, but they do not have to.)

As you begin to type an email address, PSAI will suggest email addresses from your list of PSAI users. Hit enter to add the suggested email address, and hit backspace or the X to delete one.

You can change your lead notifications any time by returning to this page.

SMS Notifications


In this field, you can add up to 3 cell phone numbers to receive automatic SMS notifications whenever a lead comes in through this specific site tool. 

Just like email addresses, PSAI will suggest phone numbers to you based on the numbers you have saved in your individual PSAI User accounts. Learn how to save a phone number here.

Wondering about the option for Endpoints under the Advanced tab? Learn more about why and how to use endpoints here.

Export Data


Beneath the other site tool settings, you can click Export (CSV) to download a file of all leads who interacted with this site tool.