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What Types of Marketing Campaigns Are Best for PSAI Phone Numbers?

Nearly all of them! PSAI phone numbers are a great marketing tool for online and offline leads.

Because these numbers can be both texted and called, they make it easy for leads to contact you while ensuring that no lead communications are missed. And because they're tracked in the Com Portal, you'll know exactly how well your campaigns are working and can easily adjust.

New to PSAI phone numbers? Start with our PSAI phone overview, learn how to create a new phone number, or explore the differences between a lead calling vs. texting.

While PSAI phone numbers work well in almost all cases, there are a few select instances in which we wouldn't recommend them. Learn more about the most and least recommended uses below.

Highly Recommended For...

PSAI phone numbers work well for the vast majority of marketing campaigns. By creating multiple PSAI phone numbers, you can precisely track leads for each campaign and monitor/compare performance.


Clients often use PSAI phone numbers for:

  • Google Local Services
  • Displaying in the main navigation bar of their website
  • Displaying on their website pages for select products, services, or geographic markets
  • Paid ads on Google, Bing, or other search engines
  • Paid ads on Instagram and Facebook
  • Print marketing materials such as flyers, door hangers, and mailers
  • Trade show booths 
  • Yard signs
  • TV and radio ads
  • Canvassing collateral

Regardless of whether a lead texts or calls your PSAI number, the interaction will flow into the Com Portal where you can listen to call recordings, send a text message, and more.

Not So Recommended For...

In general, PSAI phone numbers are not recommended for use on marketing collateral that may be expensive, difficult, or even impossible to adjust, such as:

  • Long-term/evergreen print marketing: Because your PSAI phone number will be tied your PSAI account, the number will not be transferrable if you decide not to continue your subscription. If you typically order very large print runs of evergreen marketing materials, please keep this fact in mind before choosing to display a PSAI phone number.
  • Hard-coded videos: One of the biggest benefits of PSAI phone numbers is their precise tracking abilities. If you hardcode a phone number into video footage, then it becomes impossible to track the performance of the different channels through which the video is displayed. It's much more effective to leave the video itself free from any phone number so that the different channels can be tracked individually.

If you have any questions about using PSAI phone numbers effectively, explore our phone overview or submit a support ticket for help from our team.