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What Does "Exit Intent" Mean?

As you've explored how to create and customize your PSAI marketing sources, you may have heard the phrase "exit intent." This article explains what "exit intent" means and how to use this Display Type to generate leads from your website.

Exit Intent Definition and Example

"Exit intent" refers to any element on a web page that is triggered in response to a user's exit intent. In other words, something happens whenever the website visitor scrolls the mouse toward the top of the internet browser—signaling their intent to leave the page.

In the case of PSAI, the "something" that happens is an automated floating pop-up box, as shown in the GIF below.


Curious what the other options are for your PSAI apps? Check out some PSAI Display Type examples to see how the "exit intent" style compares.

Recommended Uses for an Exit Intent Element

There are many different ways to use an exit intent element on your website. For example, you could use an exit intent pop-up to encourage website visitors to:

  • Request a free quote
  • Sign up for a virtual quote
  • Get an extreme weather report
  • Take advantage of a limited-time sale
  • Read more about a particular product
  • Refer their family and friends
  • Learn more about a special offer (by clicking a link to another page)
  • Enter a sweepstakes

The options for an exit intent pop-up are virtually endless, as you can customize your PSAI forms to say or do almost anything you want. You could stick with a basic image and text alert, you could create a complex multi-panel form, or you could add a simple button with a strong call-to-action in an eye-catching color. It's totally up to you.

Exit intent elements tend to have high conversion rates, so we recommend adding one earlier rather than later.

How Do I Set My PSAI App as an Exit Intent Element?

In PSAI, the exit intent style is called "Auto Popup (Floating)," as shown in the screenshot below. You can choose this option under the Display Type section of the "Customize" tab. (Here are full instructions on customizing your app's Display Type.) 


The Auto Popup Display Type, also called "exit intent," is available for 3 of the 5 PSAI marketing sources: Chat, Weather, and Quote Forms. Learn more in our detailed guide to creating and using marketing sources.