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Overview: Predictive Portraits™

As one of PSAI's Predictive Insights™, Predictive Portraits allow you to approach leads with more information than ever before. Learn more about these unique household profiles below.

How Are Predictive Portraits Created?

Predictive Portraits combine hundreds of data points from key strategic partners to give you actionable, high-value information before approaching a sale. Drawing on decades of home services industry expertise and PSAI's exclusive technology, Predictive Portraits give everyone on your team the data needed to nurture relationships and close sales.

Important Notes About Predictive Portraits

  • You don't have to do anything to access these insights! They're automatically calibrated whenever a lead enters your Com Portal.
  • Predictive Portraits are designed to be home-first, putting critical property information front and center to help you make better sales recommendations.
  • Predictive Portraits are extremely dynamic! Our strategic data partners update their information daily, so we recommend re-calibrating Predictive Insights regularly, especially if you're re-running an older lead.

What's Included in a Predictive Portrait?

Within each Predictive Portrait, you'll find three separate panels:

  • Property Predictive Insights
  • Homeowner Predictive Insights
  • Weather

Each section is displayed within the right-hand column of a lead engagement in the Com Portal, as shown below.


These three sections provide critical insights on:

  • Property: Get all the must-know facts about the property such as home age, market value, roof type, number of stories, and more.
  • Homeowner: Get insights into the household's general income level, personality*, marital status, age range, and more. If the data is available, you can also find out whether the contact owns or rents.
  • Weather: This tab shows the 10 most recent weather events to touch this home address, providing you a quick snapshot of the same information on a PSAI storm report.

*For more explanation of the personality type, hover over it!


Who Can View Predictive Portraits?

You decide! You can grant or restrict access to Predictive Insights on a user-by-user basis. Learn how to update a user's permissions or how to add a new PSAI user.


In addition to internal users (who can view insights when logged into the Com Portal), you can also share Predictive Portraits with outside team members! Sharing is done through the Com Portal, as shown below.


Predictive Portrait Not Showing?

In some cases, we may be unable to calibrate Predictive Insights based on the information provided. Learn more about why insights may not appear or how to update household information to attempt a new match.