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Tips for Leveraging PSAI Predictive Insights™

Once you've gotten familiar with Predictive Portraits™ and the Predictive Match Index™ (PMI), you might be wondering how to best take advantage of them. PSAI clients across different industries, geographic locations, and target markets use Predictive Insights™ to help drive their day-to-day business decisions. 


Here are just a few ways to leverage PSAI's predictive technology to connect with leads, identify new opportunities, and ultimately grow your revenue:

  • Use Predictive Insights to build rapport. When speaking with a homeowner, you can casually mention key facts from the insights such as, "I see your home was built in 1978" or "How's your asphalt roof holding up?"
  • Use them to raise curiosity about recent weather events. If you're interacting with a homeowner that did not come through a storm campaign, then you can use the Weather tab to mention recent weather events and inquire whether they've had an inspection yet. This can provide another potential path forward for the sale.
  • Use them to determine a product focus. Key demographic and household data from Predictive Insights can help you determine which products are more likely to resonate with that specific lead. As one example, a lower-income or younger lead may respond better to budget-friendly vinyl than premium fiber cement siding.
  • Use them to assign sales reps. Before assigning a lead to a certain sales rep, take a look at the lead's insights or PMI. You can match your sales rep based on the lead's demographic, personal interests, and more. If you have a sales rep who tends to do better with a certain age range or roof type, you'll know who to assign straight away.
  • Use them to filter your leads. Apply a filter in the Com Portal (choosing one or more PMIs) to quickly assess and interact with the households that fit your business best. You can also sort PMIs in ascending or descending order. 
  • Use them to refine your sales pitch. Just because a lead shows the lowest PMI of 1 doesn't mean the sale is impossible. You can approach lower PMIs with a mindset of experimentation while focusing your tried-and-true process on higher PMIs. That way every lead, no matter the PMI, is approached intentionally and strategically.

Keep in mind that we work with the most reliable strategic partners and that data is updated daily! We recommend updating Predictive Insights regularly to make sure you're getting the latest and most accurate information.