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How to Update Household Information to Get New Predictive Insights™

Are you missing Predictive Insights™ for a lead? Would you like to manually update household information to re-calibrate existing insights? It's easy to update household information and automatically generate new Predictive Insights.

Follow the relevant set of instructions below:

Missing Predictive Insights

If Predictive Insights were unable to be calibrated automatically (explore some reasons here), then you'll see an in-platform alert prompting you to Confirm Information.


By clicking the link, you'll be brought to the Confirm Household Info modal, where you can select the homeowner that matches the current contact details. Choose one and click next.


If none of the records seem right, click the link at the bottom. This will allow you to update the contact information, as shown below.


Once you've updated the contact information, you'll again be presented matching contacts and can choose the correct one to re-calibrate the insights, including the Predictive Match Index™ (PMI) and the Predictive Portrait™.

Updates to Predictive Insights

If PSAI has already calibrated a lead's Predictive Insights, you can update the information as needed at any time. PSAI's strategic data partners update their information daily, so we recommend periodically re-calibrating older leads to make sure you're working with the best information.

Simply click the link for Update Predictive Insights.


By doing so, you'll be brought to the popup below, where you can enter the updated information and click Submit for Review.


These updates will be sent to our data science team for review, and you'll receive the following confirmation message.


Please note that only one update can be processed at a time. If another team member has submitted an update that is still in review or you're trying to make a second submission in a row, you'll receive an error message like the one below: "A property update request was already made for this contact."


If you have any questions about the updates, please submit a support ticket for assistance.

Household Information Was Updated

Finally, you may want to get new Predictive Insights if you see the following alert message in the Com Portal: "The information associated with this homeowner was updated on..."


This message appears whenever a previously generated Predictive Portrait no longer matches the household because you have updated household information.

To get new Predictive Insights based on the current household information, simply click Confirm Information or Check New Insights.


Both options will lead to the following modal, where you can confirm the change and get new insights by clicking See Predictive Insights Now.