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Beginner's Guide to PSAI Predictive Insights™

Predictive Insights™ are an exclusive PSAI technology that equips your team with the data needed to approach leads effectively. This technology is like giving your team GPS coordinates in place of an old-school atlas—providing key insights into each and every household to help you close more sales.

Learn how to get started with Predictive Insights below.

Get Acquainted with Predictive Insights


First, get an understanding of the two major components of PSAI Predictive Insights:

  • Predictive Portraits™ give you detailed summaries of the household, including demographics, property data, and a list of recent weather events.
  • The Predictive Match Index™ (PMI) is more of a snapshot, providing a 1 – 5 indication of how well this household aligns with your company's ideal customer profile.

Give Your Team Access to Insights

Make sure the right team members can access Predictive Insights by granting user permissions for the Com Portal and Predictive Insights. Permissions are set on a user-by-user basis, giving you complete control over your team's PSAI access.

Get step-by-step instructions in the articles below:


Use Predictive Insights to Drive Sales

Predictive Insights are automatically calculated whenever a lead enters your Com Portal. All you have to do is click on any lead and look to the right-hand column for key information on the property, household demographics, recent weather events, and more.

Wondering how to take advantage of these insights? Get tips on leveraging Predictive Insights when interacting with leads.


Are Predictive Insights missing for a household? Find out why insights may not be available and what to do to attempt a new match.

Share Insights Outside Your Team

Beyond your in-house team, you can share Predictive Insights with other people, too! Many companies use the sharing feature with outside sales reps and independent contractors, allowing them to view insights without logging into PSAI.

You can choose to share any contact's Predictive Insights PMI, both, or neither.


To share Predictive Insights with outside team members, refer to these resources:

Have Questions About Predictive Insights?

If you have any questions or concerns as you use Predictive Insights, please don't hesitate to reach out! We'd be happy to connect you with a member of our product or data science team. Just fill out a support ticket here.