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How to Edit a Draft Ad

When creating a new ad in Ads Manager, you can complete the entire process and launch to Facebook immediately, or you can decide to wait on the launch and instead save your progress as a draft ad. It's completely up to you.

Draft ads are designated by a yellow Draft tag, as shown below.


To edit a draft ad any time before it has launched, follow the instructions below.

1. Find Your Ad 

After logging into PSAI and going to Ads Manager, scroll down to the section for Your Team's Ads. Find the ad you'd like to edit there. Use the filters to help find your ad quickly.


2. Click Edit

Once you've located the ad, click .

On the card view, the Edit button is visible at the bottom of the card.


On the list view, you'll first click the three-dots menu. Then click Edit.


3. Edit Your Ad Settings, Ad Design, Lead Capture, and/or Launch Parameters

Clicking Edit will bring you to the Ad Design page.


From here, you can go through each of the pages listed in the right-hand column until you've made all of the edits you want and are ready to launch your ad. If you prefer, you can also make these edits now and again save your ad as a draft.

The four pages you'll be able to edit include:

  • Ad Settings: Here you can rename your name and add an endpoint URL if you want to connect leads to an external CRM. 
  • Ad Design: Here you can customize the image, headline, and description of the ad that appears on Facebook. 
  • Lead Capture Form: Here you can edit the lead capture form, choosing which contact information you'd like to collect from Facebook users. 
  • Launch Parameters: In this final page, you'll set your ad's duration, geographic scope, and budget. You'll also be able to edit SMS or email lead notifications.

Once all required information has been included from the pages above, the "Launch Ad" button will turn green, and you can launch your ad on Facebook at any time.