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Overview: Locations in PSAI

Located under your Company Settings, PSAI's Location Manager allows you to add one or more custom service areas for your business. Learn more about PSAI locations and how they work below.


It's important to keep your locations updated, as this information is used to qualify chat bot leads (among other uses). Learn more about company settings and how they're used across PSAI.

How Do Locations Work?

PSAI's Location Manager makes it easy to set your service area boundaries by drawing custom shapes on our map. You can draw freely on the map or utilize our zip code guides for assistance. (Learn how to add a new location.)


You can add one or more locations for your business in PSAI, each with its own:

  • Business hours
  • Timezone
  • Product/service licenses
  • Number of workers

You can create as many locations as needed in PSAI, but please note that each PSAI location must be associated with a physical address.

How Do I Manage Locations?

Simply go to Locations under your company settings.


From the Locations page, you can easily make any updates:

Who Can Manage Locations?

All PSAI users with access to Location Manager will be able to manage locations.