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How to Update Business Hours, Licenses, and Other Settings

After you've set up a location in PSAI, you can easily update its associated settings at any time. Follow the instructions below.

Please note that product licenses, number of field workers, and other settings are updated on a location-by-location basis. 

1. Go to Locations

Log into PSAI and click Account in the lower left corner.


Then click Locations.


2. Click Settings

Find the location that you'd like to edit and click Settings.


3. Adjust the Settings


From the individual location's page, you can make any and all edits to this location. These changes include:

  • Location name
  • Timezone
  • Business hours
  • Products and services licenses
  • Total number of field workers

Please note that once a location is created, you cannot edit the physical address. To change the address, you'll need to create a new location.

4. Save Your Changes

Once you've adjusted the settings as needed, click Save to save your changes.