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Overview: Integrations

Located under Company Settings, the Integrations dashboard allows you to connect your PSAI account to various partner tools. Learn more about integrations and how to take advantage of them below.

What Integrations Are Available in PSAI?

At the time of writing, the following integrations are available.


If you're a Spectrum Enterprise customer, add your website URL here. By doing so, you'll create a default endpoint for PSAI leads to flow into your LISA admin. As shown below, the Spectrum Enterprise connection also provides quick links to your site admin and home page.


We're adding more partner tools to PSAI all the time, so the Integrations dashboard will be expanded as new partnerships come out.

How Do Integrations Work?

Integrations are very simple:

  1. Set up the integration in PSAI. This usually takes just one or two pieces of information to complete. (Some integrations may require credentials directly from the partner, such as an API login.)
  2. Take advantage of the connection! The possibilities will vary based on the specific partner tool, but once the integration is set up in PSAI, you'll be able to do things like create a new site tool or send unique information through the Com Portal.

Why Integrate PSAI with Partner Tools?

By integrating your PSAI account with partner tools, you'll get more from your PSAI subscription, including seamless lead flow, specialized sharing capabilities, and other lead generation and conversion features.

Who Can Manage Integrations?

By default, the PSAI Admin role has access to the Integrations dashboard, where you can add new integrations and edit existing ones. 

You can also create a custom user role to provide Integrations access to anyone on your team.