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How to Add a New Location

PSAI's Location Manager allows you to set precise boundaries for your company's service areas. Locations are established under Company Settings and are leveraged throughout the PSAI platform to help you qualify and convert leads. Learn how to add a new location below.

Please note that you may create multiple locations in PSAI, but each one must be associated with a physical address.

1. Go to Locations

After logging into your PSAI dashboard, click Account from the lower left-hand corner.


Then click Locations from the left-hand navigation menu.


2. Click Add Location

Next, click Add Location.


3. Enter Your Address

In the modal, type to enter your business address.


As you type, matching addresses will be suggested to you; choose the correct one and then click Begin Drawing.

4. Draw Your Service Area on the Map

After entering your business address, the map will zoom into that location. From here, you can either draw freely on the map, or you can use zip code guides to assist you. Both methods are explained below.

Please note that each location may only have one shape on the map. Be sure that your shape encompasses your entire service area for that location.

To Draw Freely

Click once anywhere on the map to start your shape, and continue clicking to add points. To close your shape, click on your original point. Then click Done Drawing.


To Use Zip Code Guides

If you'd like to cross-reference zip codes while drawing on the map, click Upload Zip Code List As A Guide.


Enter your zip codes by typing into the field shown below, or click the link at the bottom of the modal to upload a spreadsheet of zip codes.


Once you've clicked View Zip Code Layer, the zip codes will appear on your map as yellow swaths with black borders. You can use these overlays to guide your shape as you draw.


Draw your shape and then click Done Drawing.

Please be aware that the yellow overlay is simply a guide; these zip codes will not be saved or stored.

5. Add Location Details

The next few screens will walk you through the settings associated with this location. First you'll add the location's business hours.


Next you'll choose the products and services offered at this location. (If you'd like to edit the options shown here, please update your global products and services.)

6. Name Your Location

The final step is to name your location. Then click Create.




Once you've saved your location, it'll appear on your dashboard, where you can always return to: