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Can't Log into Facebook for Storm Campaign (Keeps Suggesting Wrong Facebook Account)


You are trying to set up a storm campaign but cannot log into the correct Facebook account to complete the process. The tool keeps suggesting a personal Facebook account that is not yours, and it does not allow you to sign out or switch users to the correct account.

As a result, you are stuck in an endless loop and cannot proceed, as shown below. 


You must log in from a personal Facebook account to set up your storm campaign. This is expected behavior and is not an error. The problem occurs when the tool keeps suggesting a personal Facebook account that does not belong to you.


The endless loop can be frustrating, but fortunately the solution is very quick and simple:

  1. Open a new tab in your browser.
  2. Go to and log out of Facebook manually.
  3. Come back to your storm campaign page and log into the correct Facebook account.
  4. Complete your storm campaign launch.

So why is this happening? Whenever you set up a storm campaign, Facebook will check your browser to see who is currently logged in. That Facebook account will then automatically be pulled into the storm campaign tool and suggested to you.

Your browser's current Facebook login may be yours, or it may not. If it's not your account (or an account that you want to be associated with your storm campaign), you can manually log out of Facebook as described above to immediately correct the problem.


If you've tried logging out of Facebook from another tab in your browser and are still stuck in an endless loop, please submit a ticket for Support here. You can also use the Help widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.