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Facebook Ad Was Rejected for Storm Campaign

Has your storm campaign ad been rejected by Facebook? If your ad has been disapproved, you will receive an automated email to the account associated with your Facebook ad, as well as a Facebook notification that reads something like this.


Don’t worry—rejected ads do not mean that your storm campaign cannot launch. Most Facebook ad rejections are successfully resolved within 24 hours.

How to Resolve Your Facebook Ad Rejection

Contact Us for Assistance

If your Facebook ad has been rejected, simply contact us, and we will help. Our team will initiate the Facebook ad review process on your behalf and update the ad copy if necessary. 

For the fastest assistance from our team, please submit a ticket through the help desk by clicking this link or using the widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

We understand that Facebook ad rejections can be frustrating, and we will work to resolve the issue quickly. We'll monitor the approval process on your behalf and stay on top of any required changes to ensure that your campaigns can be launched as seamlessly as possible. With alternative ads available and Facebook's appeal process, most ads are resolved within a day.

Why Did Facebook Reject Your Ad?

Facebook may flag an ad for manual review if their algorithm interprets the ad to be focused on regulated topics such as housing, finance, or insurance. Since our ads naturally use similar language, this is not uncommon to happen.

Again, there's no need to worry.

Storm campaign ads do abide by all Facebook policies, so rejected ads are commonly approved quickly once submitted for review. Our team is accustomed to the process and will help your Facebook ad get approved so that you can launch your storm campaign and start generating leads.

Once your Facebook ad is approved, you'll manage all of your storm campaign leads through your Com Portal. Learn more about the Com Portal here.