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How to Prepare for Your PSAI Onboarding Call

Welcome to PSAI! We are excited to be working with you and look forward to familiarizing you with our suite of tools during your onboarding call. There's a lot to cover in the onboarding call, so make sure that you're ready by following the quick guide below.

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What to Prepare for the Call

Before your onboarding call, we recommend that you prepare the following:

  • Admin access to your website
  • Admin access to your Facebook Business Page
  • Any specific or general questions you have about PSAI and how it can help you generate leads

We will likely not log into your website or Facebook page during the onboarding call itself, but you'll need to have your log-in credentials handy whenever it's time to add PSAI apps to your website or to launch a storm campaign on Facebook. We recommend gathering them now, so you'll be ready to dive in as soon as our call is over.

Who to Include on the Call

On the PSAI side, your onboarding call will be led by a member of our Launch Team. On your side, you're welcome to invite as many attendees as you'd like.

To get your entire team on the same page and make sure your PSAI questions are answered from the beginning, we recommend inviting the following people to participate in the onboarding call:

  • Any admin staff or leadership team members who will be responsible for getting set up with PSAI, implementing the tools, or training others on how to use them
  • Your web designer or web developer, if you have one

What to Expect During the Call

Your PSAI onboarding call will last approximately 1 hour. It will be a private meeting between our Launch Team and your company representatives so that you can ask any questions you might have. Our Launch Team will use screen share to show you exactly how the PSAI admin dashboard works and what the complete functionality is.

During the call, we will:

There's a lot to go over, but don't worry! We will record the meeting and send it to you, so you'll have an easy way to refer back to our onboarding session in the future.

Getting Acquainted with Facebook

PSAI connects with Facebook to serve targeted ad campaigns, either through PSAI Ads Manager or the Weather Center. To get your Facebook connection up and running as smoothly as possible, we recommend reading the following resources and taking the steps described:

In the Meantime...

We encourage you to explore the Predictive Sales AI website as well as the PSAI Help Desk. Here some beginner-friendly articles to help you get familiar with the tools:

If any feature or app sounds particularly interesting or confusing to you, make a note to ask the Launch Team during your onboarding call. We want you to get value out of PSAI right away, so we will be happy to answer any questions you have to help you get up and running quickly.

You can also go ahead and save a shortcut to PSAI on your phone or tablet home screen. Our entire suite is mobile-friendly, so everything that we cover in the onboarding call can be done from any mobile device.