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PSAI Apps Not Displaying on WordPress Site


You've added PSAI apps or site tools to your Wordpress site (such as an embedded quote form or floating chatbot), but they are not displaying as expected.

You are probably not receiving an error message or seeing jumbled code, but rather the app is simply not showing up where it should. In some cases, the app may show up once but then disappear continuously.


Because WordPress sites are highly customizable, the most likely cause for missing or disappearing site tools is that some WordPress plugin is breaking the code. There are many possible plugins that could be impacting the display of your PSAI apps, but the following are known issues:

Please use the links above to check for the plugin and resolve the issue.


If you do not have the plugins listed above and PSAI site tools are still not showing up on your Wordpress website, please contact us so that our developers can investigate. Fill out a help ticket at this link or by opening the widget in the bottom right corner of the screen.