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Troubleshooting WordPress Plugins: WP Rocket

If your PSAI apps are behaving strangely or are not showing up on your WordPress website, then the most likely cause is interference from a plugin. One known plugin issue is with WP Rocket, a caching plugin that speeds up websites by combining files.

Follow the instructions below to check for WP Rocket and to resolve the issue if you have it.

1. Check If You Have WP Rocket

Log into your WordPress admin and check for WP Rocket in the main nav bar at the top.


If it's not there, doublecheck your plugin library by clicking "Plugins" and then searching for WP Rocket.


If you do not have WP Rocket but your site tools are still not displaying, please refer to this article on other known WordPress plugin issues.

2. Open File Optimization Settings

From the WP Rocket dashboard, click "File Optimization" from the left-hand nav bar.


3. Uncheck "Combine JavaScript Files"

On the File Optimization page, scroll down to the section for JavaScript. Then uncheck the box for "Combine JavaScript files."


4. Save Your Changes

Click the button at the bottom to save your changes.


5. Refresh Your Website

Navigate back to your website and reload the page to verify that the apps are loading as expected. If you followed the instructions above but the apps are not still not showing up, please fill out a support ticket for assistance