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Code Embed Shortcode Isn't Working (Embedding a Form on WordPress)


You have tried to follow our standard instructions on embedding a form on WordPress. You've successfully turned on "Custom Fields," have downloaded the Code Embed plugin, and have tried to place a shortcode on the page where your form will display.

However, instead of the form showing up on your web page as expected, you are seeing a jumble of script, something like this.



The most common cause of this problem is an incorrectly named shortcode. Without the correct name, the Code Embed plugin cannot understand what to do, which results in some of the code being cut off and your form not displaying properly.

To solve this problem, check that your shortcode name follows these rules:

  • Must start with the word CODE (written in all caps)
  • Must be a unique name (not shared with any other shortcode on your site)
  • Must include no spaces

The screenshot below is an example of a correctly named shortcode.

  • Correctly_formatted_shortcode_name.png

Following these same conventions, here are some more examples of properly named shortcodes:

  • CODEpsaiForm
  • CODEembeddedFormSpecialOffer
  • CODEpsaiWeatherReport
  • CODEanythingYouWantToWriteHere

In addition to the proper shortcode name, you must surround the shortcode with two sets of brackets when you place it on the page. As shown in the screenshot below, the shortcode name of CODEweatherWidget would look like this when placed on the page: {{CODEweatherWidget}}



Is your shortcode properly named but the form is still not displaying? Then first check for these common issues:

  • When placed on the web page, your shortcode name is surrounded by two brackets on each side: {{}}
  • The shortcode name between the brackets exactly matches the name as written in the "Name" field

If you've checked all of the above issues and are still having trouble with your embedded form on WordPress, please contact PSAI Support so that we can assist you. Use this link to fill out a Support ticket, or open the Help widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.