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Troubleshooting WordPress Plugins: LiteSpeed Cache

WordPress plugins are the most common cause of PSAI site tools not displaying properly on WordPress sites—whether the apps are disappearing, failing to show entirely, or behaving strangely.

One known issue is with the plugin LiteSpeed Cache by LiteSpeed Technologies.


Check for LightSpeed Cache and, if you have it, solve the problem following the instructions below.

1. Check If You Have LiteSpeed Cache

Log into your WordPress admin and look in the left-hand tool bar for LiteSpeed Cache.


If you do not see LiteSpeed Cache in the menu at the left, doublecheck your plugin library by clicking Plugins > Installed Plugins.


Then search "litespeed" in the search bar.


If you have LiteSpeed Cache, then proceed to step 2.

If you do not have LiteSpeed Cache and your PSAI apps are not displaying, please refer to this article for other known plugin issues.

2. Open LiteSpeed Cache JS Settings

If you do have LiteSpeed Cache,


3. Turn Off "JS Combine External and Inline"

Under the JS Settings tab, turn off the setting for "JS Combine External and Inline."


4. Save Your Changes

After you've toggled the setting OFF, click "Save Changes" to save your changes.


5. Open LiteSpeed Cache Database

Now click "Database" under LiteSpeed Cache.


6. Clean Previously Saved Data

On the Database Optimization page, click the button for "Clean CSS/JS Optimizer." This will remove previously saved settings and allow your recently saved changes to take place.


7. Refresh Your Website

Once you've completed the steps above, navigate back to your website and refresh the page (using Ctrl+R). Your PSAI apps should now appear as expected.

Are your apps still not showing up? Then you may need to adjust one more setting in LiteSpeed Cache. Follow the next few steps.

Optional Further Steps (As Needed)

First open an incognito window of your internet browser and navigate to your website. If your apps are showing as expected in this incognito browser, then the problem is with "stale cache."

Solve this issue by following the additional steps below.

1. Open the Cache Settings

Go back LiteSpeed Cache in Wordpress and click "Cache."


2. Turn Off "Serve Stale"

Click the "Purge" tab and turn off the setting for "Serve Stale."


3. Save

After you've toggled the setting to OFF, click the "Save Changes" button at the top or bottom to save your changes.


Once you've saved this setting, open your website again in a normal (not incognito) browser. Use Ctrl+R to refresh the page. Your PSAI apps should now show up as expected.