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Weather How-Tos: Links and Resources

Find out how to use the PSAI Weather tool for discovery, lead generation, and automated storm campaigns on Facebook. Check out some popular articles in the list below, or check out our Weather How-To section to see all of the articles available.

Popular How-To Resources for Weather and Storm Campaigns

  • ​How to launch a storm campaign
  • How to view storms happening right now
  • How to capture historical storm data for a specific home address
  • How to customize your weather app

If you can't find the resource you need in the list above or in our Weather How-To section, please feel free to contact PSAI Support. Fill out a Support ticket through this link or by opening the Help widget in the bottom right corner.

Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to interact with weather technology in PSAI. For example, you can also add a weather widget as a PSAI site conversion tool, or you can send an extreme weather report through the Com Portal.