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How to Create a Review Tool in the PSAI Reputation Manager

PSAI’s Reputation Manager allows you to connect multiple review sites with your PSAI platform to request reviews and view reporting. There are numerous sites you can connect to your PSAI account. 

How to Connect a Review Site to the PSAI Reputation Manager

The standard way to connect a review site to PSAI is as follows: 

  1. Go to the Reputation Manager in your PSAI Account and click on "+Add Reviews"

  2. Select your desired review platform and click Next.

  3. Click on the location dropdown and select the location for your service area. Click Next.

  4. Input the URL for the review site you want to set up and click on "Save Tool"

    If you are integrating with a review site that provides reporting such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, will see a prompt for connection information. Specific instructions for this setup is at the bottom of this article. 

  5. A congratulations message will appear letting you know you have successfully set up the Review Tool. 

  6. You will see your new Review Tool card at the top of your Reputation Manager Dashboard. 

Directions for Connecting the Following Review Sites