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What Happened to Predictive Insights™ or Leads? (PSAI Tools Disappeared)


You've logged into PSAI as usual, but you are no longer seeing a core feature that you're accustomed to using. For example:

  • You no longer see the Predictive Match Index™ (PMI) or Predictive Portraits™.
  • Your lead queue looks smaller, with fewer buckets at the top.
  • You can no longer see a major feature in the left-hand nav bar, such as the Com Portal or Site Tools.


No matter which specific feature is missing, the most likely cause is the same: your current user permissions are restricting you from viewing that particular tool. (We will never remove a feature without informing you in advance, so it's unlikely that the platform itself has changed.)

The solution is to speak with your company's PSAI administrator, as this person can review and update your user settings as needed.


These resources may help:


If your PSAI administrator has confirmed that you have the correct User settings but you are still not seeing a specific tool or feature in PSAI, please submit a support ticket. We'd be happy to review your account and find out what is going wrong. Use this link to fill out a Help ticket, or open the Help widget in the bottom right corner of your screen.