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Phone Best Practice: Enable Lead Source Notification Tool

When creating a phone number in PSAI, we strongly recommend enabling the Lead Source Notification Tool. Learn more about this feature and how it can help you nurture and convert leads below.


Not familiar with the Lead Source Notification Tool or where to enable it? Then start with our quick explainer on the tool, or learn more about PSAI phone numbers in general

By enabling the Lead Source Notification Tool for your PSAI phone numbers, your team members will be better prepared to speak with any lead who calls. Whether it's your front office assistant or a sales rep, any team member who answers the phone will:

  • Be instantly primed regarding what the lead is looking for and interested in
  • Appear professional, organized, and competent
  • Be ready to focus and steer the conversation productively right away
  • Be able to quickly pull up specific talk tracks to more effectively nurture the lead

Using the Lead Source Notification Tool is just one of the many best practices that we recommend for phone numbers in PSAI. Check out our best practices guide for more tips! (Link coming soon!)