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What Is the Lead Source Notification Tool for PSAI Phone Numbers?

Whenever you create a new phone number in PSAI, you have the ability to enable or disable the "Lead Source Notification Tool." This is an optional feature but one that we highly recommend using. 


The Lead Source Notification Tool is designed to give you a quick heads up about who is calling before you actually speak with the lead. The tool works instantly, so there is no noticeable delay from the customer's end.

Here's a phone call works with this tool enabled:

  1. The lead dials your PSAI phone number. The PSAI phone number instantly forwards to the phone number you entered when creating the site tool.
  2. Your team member picks up the phone. Before the lead is connected to you, the Lead Source Notification Tool announces who is on the line. (The system will read out whatever you have typed in the "Notification Message" field. The message is only heard by you, not the customer.)
  3. The call connects. After the tool announces the caller, your team member is connected to the customer, and the phone call proceeds like any other.

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