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Why Use a PSAI Phone Number Instead of a Regular Phone Number?

PSAI phone numbers provide many advantages over a regular business phone line. These phone numbers are designed to make it easy to track leads, communicate with them, and keep those communications in a single place.

If you're new to PSAI phone numbers, please start with our overview article for a high-level understanding of how they work.

It's important to note that PSAI phone numbers allow you to receive both standard phone calls (i.e. voice calls) and SMS messages. For both types of phone interaction, you'll enjoy:

In addition to these general benefits, there are unique benefits for phone call leads as well as SMS leads. Learn more below.

PSAI Phone Numbers for Phone Call Leads

For leads who call your PSAI phone number, you'll get another major benefit over a standard phone line: the Lead Source Notification Tool.


This tool gives your team a quick heads up of who's calling so that they're better prepared to speak to the lead and effectively nurture the sale.

Learn more about the Lead Source Notification Tool.

PSAI Phone Numbers for SMS/Texting Leads

For leads who text your PSAI phone number, you'll get automated help from our AI-powered Chat Bot, Gia.

Gia will answer your leads' text messages 24/7 and gather their contact information so that you can follow up at your convenience. You can review Gia's chat transcript and then continue the SMS conversation directly from the Com Portal.


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