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Are Call Recordings and Voicemails Saved?

Yes! Whenever you use a PSAI phone number, call recordings and voicemails are not only playable from within the Com Portal, but they are also saved to the lead's contact file.

Simply find the lead, open the Contact Files panel, and click the tab for Calls. You will see separate MP3 files for each phone call with this lead.


Here are a few helpful notes to keep in mind:

  • You can replay these saved call recordings at any time and as many times as you'd like.
  • All PSAI users with access to this lead in the Com Portal will be able to listen to the saved call recordings. (Learn more about PSAI user permissions.)
  • You and your team will have access to saved call recordings as long as you have an active subscription to PSAI.

Wondering how to follow up effectively after receiving a voicemail? Check out our best practices guide for tips. (Link coming soon!)