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How to Embed a Form on a Squarespace Website

PSAI quote forms can be embedded almost anywhere on a Squarespace website, and the simple process takes less than a minute from start to finish. Follow the steps below to learn how to embed a form on your Squarespace site.

1. Copy the Code Snippet from PSAI

From "Manage Sources" in your PSAI dashboard, navigate to the quote form that you'd like to embed. Go the "Connection" tab and click the "Copy" button to copy the code snippet you need.


2. Go to Your Squarespace Website Page Editor

From your Squarespace dashboard, click "Pages" from the left-hand toolbar and navigate to the page where you'd like the form to display. Then hover over that page and click "Edit" in the panel that appears at the top of the screen. 


3. Add a New Block to Your Page

On the page where you'd like to add the form, scroll down to the location where you want the form to display. Within that section, click the plus sign (+) to add a block.


From the panel that pops up next, choose "Code" under the "More" section.


4. Paste Your Code Snippet from PSAI into Squarespace

Paste your code snippet from PSAI into the Code panel. You can leave the default options as they are: the "Display Source" box unchecked and "HTML" selected from the dropdown menu. Then click the "Apply" button to save your changes.


When pasting your code, take care to paste only the code snippet and avoid adding any characters on accident. Any additional characters may cause the code to function improperly.

5. Verify That the Form Is Working

Once you've saved your changes, navigate to the page where your form will display to make sure that it is working. 

Note that from your Squarespace editor, you will not be able to see the form. It will instead show a "script disabled" message as shown below. You can click the button to "Preview in Safe Mode," or you can just view the live version of your page to see the form displayed as your website visitors will see it.


Once you've verified that your form is showing up on your site, you're finished!

Your form is now embedded onto your Squarespace website, and all leads will go straight to your PSAI com portal. There you'll be able to track your quote form leads, follow up with them, keep private internal notes for your team, and more. You can learn more about the com portal's features and functions here.

Troubleshooting Your Squarespace Form

Squarespace's code block is typically very straightforward and user-friendly. If you encounter any problems embedding a PSAI quote form onto your website, please reach out to our team for assistance. For the fastest response, submit a Support ticket through this link or through the Help widget in the bottom right corner of the screen.