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Facebook Messenger Business Chat Leads Are Not Showing Up in the Com Portal


You've set up Facebook Business Chat as one of your site conversion tools and are communicating with leads via Facebook messenger, but Gia is not working correctly. She is either not asking questions, or if she is, there is no record of the conversations in your Com Portal.


There are two possible causes and solutions to this issue:

  1. You have a competing chatbot installed, which is preventing Gia from collecting conversation data from Facebook Business Chat. To solve this, please follow these instructions to check for and remove other Facebook chatbots.
  2. You have Facebook's automated greeting turned on, which is answering your chat leads before Gia can. To solve this problem, please follow these instructions to turn off the automated greeting for Facebook messenger. (Link coming soon!)

Unfortunately, Facebook will not automatically notify you (or us) if any other chatbot or setting is blocking Gia. However, you or another admin of your Facebook Business Page can quickly check for both issues described above.


If you have checked the issues above but are still not seeing Facebook messenger leads flow into the Com Portal, please contact us for assistance. Fill out the ticket form at this link, or start by opening the Help widget in the bottom right corner of the screen.