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Beginners' Guide to Weather

PSAI offers robust weather data to help you identify storm opportunity, create high-conversion ad campaigns on Facebook, and share valuable weather insights with homeowners—encouraging them to take action with your company. 

Learn everything you need to know to get started with PSAI weather in the linked articles below.

The PSAI Weather Center


If you're new to the PSAI Weather Center, we recommend starting here:

What happens next? Once you've launched a storm campaign, leads will flow from Facebook into the Com Portal. If you aren't familiar with this wide-ranging communication tool, start with our Com Portal beginners' guide and refer to our tips on handling storm campaign leads.

Other PSAI Weather Technology

In addition to the weather map and storm campaign features located in the Weather Center, we offer additional weather technology located throughout your PSAI tool suite.

Weather Widget on Your Website

Through our Site Conversion Tools, you can create a Weather Widget that entices website visitors to fill out a form in exchange for an instant storm report. This widget can be in the form of an exit intent pop-up (as shown below) or as a feature embedded on any page of your website.


Learn more about Site Conversion Tools and how to create a new site tool, including a Weather Widget.

Address-Specific Weather Reports

Would you like to get a deeper look at extreme weather that has hit a specific home? You can capture historical storm data for a single home address by generating a weather report in the Com Portal.

Once you've generated the report (as shown below), you can instantly send it to the homeowner by SMS, email, or chat.


Curious what goes into a PSAI weather report? Learn what a weather report contains here.