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How to Check Your Facebook Lead Access Rules (for Potential Lead Flow Problems)

If you've run Facebook ads through Ads Manager but are not seeing any leads flow into the Com Portal, one potential issue is that Facebook lead access rules are preventing the connection with PSAI. 

The bad news is that Facebook will not inform you of this problem. The good news is that it's easy to check for yourself within your Facebook Business Manager Settings. Follow the steps below.

1. Go to Your Facebook Business Manager Settings

Go to your Facebook Business Manager settings at this link: (Note that you must be the owner of the page to access these settings.)


2. Go to Leads Access

From the left-hand toolbar, scroll down and click "Integrations" and then click "Leads Access." This will bring you to the page shown below.


3. Check for Connected CRMs

In the center panel, click into the tab for CRMs. On that page, check whether or not you have any connected CRMs in the list.


Here's how this section works.

  • If the list is empty, then you do not have any special lead access rules established in Facebook. This is the default state, and it allows for proper lead flow into the PSAI Com Portal. So if your list is empty, you are good to go for Ads Manager leads.
  • If this section has any rules applied, however, then they will override the default state and potentially interfere with PSAI lead flow. If you have another CRM in this list but do not have Predictive Sales AI in there as well, then you do have a problem to fix. Follow the next step.

4. If Necessary, Add Predictive Sales AI

As discussed in step 3, this step only applies if you have connected CRMs but Predictive Sales AI is not one of them. See the screenshot below for an example, where the only connected CRM is Zapier.


If this is the case, then click the button for "Assign CRMs."


Choose "Predictive Sales AI" to add it to your list of connected CRMs, as shown below.


Once you have added Predictive Sales AI, Facebook will allow the leads from your Facebook ads to flow properly into the Com Portal.

Don't have a problem with Facebook lead access rules as described above, but are still not seeing leads flow into the Com Portal? Explore other common reasons you may not be seeing leads from Facebook ads.