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What Does a Storm Campaign Cost?

Each storm campaign has two cost components associated with it:

  1. The cost of the AI audience (included with PSAI, up to a monthly limit)
  2. The cost of the Facebook ad campaign (charged directly by Facebook, not PSAI)

Combining these costs will give you the total investment required for each individual storm campaign on Facebook. Learn more below.

AI Audience Included with PSAI

AI audiences are a signature feature of PSAI in which our technology precisely targets qualified leads within your chosen geographic area. (You draw on the Weather map, and PSAI automatically and instantly identifies an audience of homeowners for you!)


You'll get up to 15 AI audiences included with your PSAI subscription each month, depending on your subscription level. Beyond your monthly limit, an additional fee per audience applies. (A single audience can include up to 50,000 homeowners.)

Note that this total number of AI audiences per month includes both storm campaigns and Ads Manager ads.

Facebook Ad Campaign Lifetime Budget

The second cost component to a storm campaign is the lifetime budget of your Facebook ad. This amount is directly billed by Facebook.

As shown below, PSAI will provide a recommended lifetime budget whenever you launch a storm campaign. This amount is based on your ad's unique parameters and will update automatically if you change the start and/or end date. 


You can modify the lifetime budget by typing directly into the field. However, to ensure the best performance and engagement from your Facebook ad, we do not recommend going below the suggested lifetime budget.