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Why Do I Have to Login from a Personal Facebook Account?

In the process of setting up your Facebook Connection in PSAI, you'll be prompted to log in from a personal Facebook account. The reason for this is due to Facebook's structure and policies—it has nothing to do with how PSAI is set up or managed.

All Facebook Business Pages are tied to a single personal account that is marked the "Administrator" of that page; Business Pages do not exist on their own. For that reason, you'll have to log in from your personal Facebook account, as shown below.


And then you'll be able to select your Facebook Business Page from the drop-down menu.


Don't worry! Even though you've logged in from your personal Facebook account, the only page connected to your PSAI account will be your Facebook Business Page. Your ads will show your company's brand and logo and will be associated with your business page, not your personal page.

Don't see your Facebook Business Page in the drop-down menu? This article offers two common solutions if you can't choose your Facebook Business Page.

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