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3 Ways to Create a New Ad in Ads Manager

Within Ads Manager, there are 3 main ways that you can create a new ad and launch to Facebook.

Option #1: Choose an AI-Recommended Ad

If you're in a hurry or would like to go with a tried-and-true approach, you can choose one of our AI-Recommended ads at the top of your Ads Manager dashboard.

These ads are intelligently generated based on your company's specific products and services, target market, and other key demographic information—giving you a strategic, ready-to-launch ad in just a few clicks.


Option #2: Create a New Ad

The second way to create a new ad is to generate one from scratch—either by creating your own completely customized design or by choosing one of our templates for promos, sweepstakes, financing, recent projects, and more.

All of these options can be accessed by clicking the blue plus sign (+) in the upper right corner of Ads Manager.


Don't worry—for each option, you'll be walked through every step of the process from design to launch. Even the custom option is very quick and easy to complete.

Option #3: Duplicate an Existing Ad

Last but not least, you can always duplicate an existing ad if you've run an ad that was particularly successful for your target market. Just find the ad in the "Your Team Ads" section, click the button to duplicate it, and make any edits you want before launch.