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I Don't See Any Leads from My Facebook Ads. What Could Be the Problem?

Have you run a Facebook ad through Ads Manager but are not seeing any leads flow into the Com Portal? There are several possible issues at play, which we'll discuss and provide solutions for below.

Your Ad Campaign Just Started

You may not be seeing any leads yet because you've very recently started your ad campaign. While some Facebook campaigns will see engagement right away, many take up to a few days to get their first lead. This is normal and partially due to the fact that Facebook is still optimizing your ad placement during this time.

Solution: Wait another day or two. If you are still not receiving leads after waiting, then please contact us so that we can look deeper into your campaign's performance.

Design and Copy Aren't Engaging

Your ad copy and/or images are not engaging, so Facebook users are not clicking on your ads as they scroll through their news feeds. If Facebook users are not compelled to stop, click, and fill out your lead form, then you won't see any leads.

For example, in the ad below, notice two big problems: 1) the image is very dark and 2) the copy provides no clear offer or incentive for the user to click.


Solution: Read through our best practices for before-and-after ads to improve your ad's design. (More links coming soon for other types of ads!)

Your Ad Is Under Review by Facebook

If your ad is still being reviewed by Facebook, then it is not active and cannot bring in leads yet.

Most ads are automatically approved, but some are tagged by Facebook's algorithm for additional manual review. If your ad is still being reviewed by Facebook, then you'll see the "Paused" status in Ads Manager.


Solution: Wait another day or two. If your ad does not move out of Paused or if it has been rejected by Facebook, contact us for help.

Custom Facebook Settings Are Blocking Leads

Another possible problem is that you have custom lead access rules set within Facebook, which are preventing leads from flowing into your Com Portal.

This is relatively uncommon but does happen from time to time depending on how our clients have set up their Facebook Business Pages. Essentially, if your account has any custom rules applied, then this could be preventing the connection between your Facebook page and PSAI.


Solution: Unfortunately, Facebook does not automatically alert you (or us) if lead access rules are interfering. However, you can check for this potential problem by going to your Facebook Business Manager page. Learn how to check your Facebook lead access rules here.

If you need help with any of the issues above (or if you're experiencing a problem we have not described), then the quickest way to get help is to submit a Support ticket. Please fill out the form at this link, or open the help widget in the bottom right corner of the screen.