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How to View Your AI Customer Insights Report

An AI Customer Insights report combines your sales data with Spectrum’s data to gain unique insight into your current customers. To explore your AI Customer Insights report, follow the instructions below.

Please note that your report will be ready to view within about a week of receiving your completed CRM data. Our team will let you know when your Insights are ready.

1. Go to Insights

Log into PSAI and click Insights from the main navigation menu at the left.


Don't see Insights in the main nav? Fill out a support ticket to start the process and generate your custom report. 

2. Explore the Filters


On the Business Insights page, use the filters to explore patterns and trends across the contacts and customers imported from your CRM. The available filters include:

  • Report Details
  • Property
  • Demographics
  • Personas
  • Vehicles
  • PMI

Where possible, these data points are broken down into all contacts vs. customers only, as shown in the Predictive Match Index™ charts below.




What's Next?

Your AI Customer Insights Report can be used to:

  • Train your team
  • Better cater your sales and marketing materials to your audience
  • Better tailor ad copy to your audience

If you are a Spectrum Enterprise or PSAI Ignite customer running paid media campaigns, we can use this reporting to generate custom audiences for ad campaign targeting on Facebook and other platforms. By precisely targeting ads to same types of people you already sell to, you'll be positioned for enhanced lead generation, conversion, and ROI.

To use your AI Customer Insights report to generate a custom audience, please fill out a support ticket.