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Can't Add Embedded Form to Wix Website


You followed our standard instructions for embedding a form onto your Wix website, but you cannot get the form to work.


Most commonly, this embedded form problem is caused by one of two errors in the Wix Tracking Tools panel: 1) copy/paste errors or 2) incorrect code placement. Find both proposed solutions below.

This article assumes that you have embedded your form using the Wix Tracking Tools panel. If you originally embedded your form using Corvid developer mode, then the instructions below will not apply to you. Please refer to your developer to solve the problem.

Check for Copy/Paste Errors

When you copy your form’s embed code from your PSAI admin, be sure to copy the code snippet in its entirety. You can do so in one click from the Connection tab of your form's Marketing Source settings.


When you paste this code snippet as a Custom Code element into your Wix Tracking Tools settings, paste it and nothing else. Be sure that you don’t accidentally insert a space or otherwise alter the code in any way.


As a quick doublecheck, you can scan the start and end of the code snippet you just pasted. It should open with <script> and end with </script>.

Check for Incorrect Code Placement

If you’ve copied the code snippet correctly but have placed it in the wrong section, then the form may not embed properly. From the radio group entitled “Place Code in:” at the bottom of the Custom Code panel, be sure to choose Body – end.


Click the “Apply” button to save your changes.

As a standard best practice for embedded forms on Wix, we recommend setting the code snippet to “Body – end.” However, in some cases, the design may look better if the code is instead placed in “Body – start.” Feel free to try both to see what looks best on your particular page. If it makes no difference visually, then stick with “Body – end.”

Verify Whether the Solution Worked

Once you’ve followed the steps above, you should see the custom element appear as shown below in your Tracking Tools settings.


Even if you see the custom element displaying properly within Wix Tracking Tools, it’s a good idea to doublecheck. Navigate to the page where the form should appear to make sure that the form is working on the live page.

Form not looking right? You may need to make a few styling changes, depending on how your page is set up. If the form looks strange, check out our instructions for making your embedded form look better on Wix.


If you’ve followed the instructions above and still cannot get your form to embed on your Wix website, please submit a ticket here or by using the Help widget in the bottom right corner of the screen.