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How to Access Your Review Credentials for Yelp

Accessing your Yelp review credentials PSAI is a simple process that involves only a few steps. Integrating your Yelp account to PSAI will provide your team with a global view of your reputation performance across all platforms. Here’s how to access your review credentials for Yelp:

1. Navigate to Your Yelp Page

Search for the business you would like to connect to PSAI by clicking here

2. Identify Your Business ID

You can find your business ID by looking at your Yelp URL. The URL Structure should look like "". The Business ID is the text found after /biz/ and before the “?”, if there is a question mark. Here’s an example for The Cloud Gate in Chicago:  the URL is "", so the Business Id is "the-cloud-gate-chicago".

3. Complete Your PSAI Integration

To integrate your Yelp Account with PSAI, view the steps in this article to complete the process.

Why Do I Need Review Site Credentials?

One of the major benefits of our reputation manager is the ability to see overall review performance across your different review sites in one centralized place. This global view into your online reputation can help inform your customer success initiatives while making it easy to connect with past customers. 

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What about Google, Facebook or Birdeye?

Google and Facebook have unique account structures that require a login and a different setup. You can find more details on those here: