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Sunlight Financial Pre-Qual vs. Soft Quote: What's the Difference?

Once you have added the Sunlight Financial integration to PSAI, you'll be able to seamlessly provide financing information to potential customers:

  • You can send leads a link to a financing pre-qual application.
  • You can generate a more specific soft estimate (which is not sent to the customer but rather saved internally).

Learn more about these two options below.

Pre-Qual Application Link

The pre-qual application link is simply a link to a page on the Sunlight Financial website. Customers who receive this link can click on it and fill out the Sunlight Financial pre-qual application shown below.


There are two ways for a potential customer to receive this link:

Soft Estimate

The Sunlight Financial soft estimate provides a detailed look at a customer's financing options. Soft estimates are drawn from your Sunlight Financial financing products and, if the pre-qual application has been completed, the specific products that the customer qualifies for.

An example soft estimate is shown below.


Whereas the pre-qual link is always sent directly to the customer, the soft estimate is not. Instead, it is generated by a PSAI user within the Com Portal and saved to the lead's file for internal review (as shown below).


The soft estimate is great for talking to sales appointments, as it provides the information needed to help the homeowner understand their financing options.