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Best Practice: Consider Facebook's Mandatory Review When Launching an Ad

Within PSAI Ads Manager, the process for generating, customizing, and launching an ad is very quick. You can start and finish the process in just a few minutes. However, to make sure your ad actually posts on Facebook at the best time for your particular goals, it's important to consider Facebook's mandatory review.

All ads must be reviewed by Facebook, and most reviews should be done within 24 hours. However, this official timeframe is not always the case, as it depends on Facebook demand.

To help your ad campaign launch on your preferred timeline, we recommend accounting for at least 24 hours of Facebook review time when planning your ad schedule:

  • To have your ad become live on Facebook ASAP, the sooner you can create the ad and launch it from Ads Manager, the quicker it will be reviewed and approved. 
  • For an ad that is scheduled for the future, we recommend scheduling it one day earlier than you'd actually like the ads to be seen on Facebook. This built-in buffer will allow for Facebook's review period.

We understand that you may want ads to post immediately to capitalize on a recent storm or other time-sensitive event. Unfortunately, however, we have no control over how quickly or slowly Facebook completes your ad review.

Visit the Facebook help center to learn more about ads in review.

While your ad is under review, it will be marked with a blue "Pending" tag.


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If you believe that your ad has been pending for longer than it should, please contact us to check on your ad's status. Fill out a help ticket at this link or by opening the widget in the bottom right corner of the screen.