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What Are the Different Statuses in Ads Manager?

Once you've generated a new ad in Ads Manager, it will display in the bottom section called "Your Team Ads." To help you track your various campaigns and filter your ads, each ad is marked by one of five possible ad statuses:

  • Draft
  • Pending
  • Live
  • Paused
  • Closed

From the default card view, each of these possible statuses will be displayed as a colored tag in the upper right corner of the ad.


If you are viewing your ads in the list view (by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of Your Team Ads), then the ad statuses are displayed in a column, as shown below.


Draft Ads

Draft ads are marked by a yellow tag that says "Draft."


The Draft status is displayed when you've generated an ad but have not yet launched to Facebook.

Whenever you see a draft tag, you can click into the draft ad and edit it! Then you either launch it to Facebook right away, schedule it for the future, or simply save it as a draft ad again.

Pending Ads

The Pending status is marked by a blue tag that says "Pending."


Your ad may display the Pending status for one of two reasons:

  1. It is under initial review by Facebook. Note that while Facebook's official review policy is 24 hours or less, it may take more more or less time depending on demand. (Please be aware that we can check on your ad's status, but we have no control over Facebook's review process.)
  2. You have scheduled the ad for the future. In this case, the ad will be marked as pending until it goes live on your scheduled date (and after Facebook reviews it). Learn how to schedule an ad here.

Live Ads

Live ads are marked by a green tag that says "Live."


The Live status is displayed on ads that have been launched on Facebook and are currently in their active runtime. The ads will continue to display as live until they reach their final run date or total maximum budget.

Remember—as new leads come in through your Facebook ad, they'll flow directly into your Com Portal. Make sure your team is prepared to handle these leads by reading through our Com Portal guide.

Paused Ads

Paused ads are marked by a black tag that says "Paused."


Your ad may display the Paused status for several reasons:

  1. You paused the ad campaign in Facebook. You can learn more about pausing and resuming ad campaigns from Facebook's help center.
  2. Your payment method no longer works. To update billing, see these instructions for updating your Facebook payment method.
  3. The ad has not brought in leads recently. If the ad is live but leads have been inactive for too long, Facebook may automatically pause the ad on your behalf. 

Closed Ads

Closed ads are marked by a gray tag that says "Closed."


Your ad will display the status of Closed if it has ended due to:

  • Reaching the final date in its runtime
  • Reaching the maximum total budget

Both of these parameters were set when you chose your ad's launch parameters. If you'd like to extend an ad that has automatically ended, please contact us by filling out a ticket or by opening the Help widget in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Your ad will also show the Closed status if you have manually ended the ad campaign from within your Facebook Business Page. 

New to Ads Manager? Then we recommend starting with our beginners' guide to Ads Manager, where we cover everything you need to know to create, edit, and launch Facebook ads.