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Lead Flow Possibilities Between PSAI, Your CRM, and LISA

While the PSAI platform can certainly serve as a one-stop hub for lead conversion and nurturing, many customers use PSAI in conjunction with other tools. To get the most out of your PSAI subscription, you can integrate many of these tools with your PSAI account—allowing you to continue using your current system while also taking advantage of the Com Portal and other AI-powered tools.

Learn more about these integration and lead flow options below.

Lead Flow Out of PSAI


You can choose to flow leads from PSAI to your CRM on an app-by-app and ad-by-ad basis. This allows you to work out of your CRM without missing any leads from your PSAI chatbot, quote forms, storm campaigns, and other site tools. Whenever a lead flows into PSAI and then to your CRM, you can hop back into the Com Portal to instantly follow up and  take advantage of Predictive Insights™.​

To set up lead flow from PSAI to a CRM, you'll simply open the Advanced tab and enter the appropriate endpoint URL. 

In most cases, to set up the endpoint URL, we recommend setting up a Zapier account and creating a Zap with two steps: 

  1. A webhook URL (which is inputted into the Endpoint field shown below, in PSAI)
  2. A CRM step (using the CRM's Zapier application)

If you need help with Zapier, please submit a support ticket.

Learn more about using endpoints to flow PSAI leads to a CRM in the linked resources below:

PSAI → LISA Platform

If you're a Spectrum Enterprise customer, then you can also flow your PSAI leads into your LISA admin. By doing so, you'll be able to utilize the  PSAI Com Portal for real-time engagement and lead assignments while ensuring that your lead tracking, sourcing, and reporting are all up to date and in one place in the LISA admin.

To set up lead flow from PSAI to your LISA platform, simply set up your Spectrum integration in the PSAI Integrations center. Once the integration is set up, all of your site tools and ads will have the proper endpoint auto-populated for you. In the LISA admin, PSAI leads are sourced with all of the same rich information as your other leads.

Learn more about the PSAI-LISA connection in these resources:

Lead Flow Into the PSAI Com Portal


In addition to flowing leads into your CRM, you can reverse the set-up—pushing leads from your CRM into PSAI. By doing so, you'll be able to take advantage of the Com PortalPredictive Insightsand other exclusive PSAI technology—while still having the leads enter through your CRM.

At this time, this integration is available for the following CRMs:

  • JobNimbus
  • JobProgress
  • Contractors Cloud

If you use another CRM and would like to flow CRM leads into PSAI, please reach out by submitting a support ticket. We'd be happy to investigate whether your CRM allows for this kind of integration.

LISA Platform → PSAI

If you are a Spectrum Enterprise customer, then you can also flow your LISA admin leads into PSAI. This set-up allows you to take advantage of the advanced functionality of the LISA platform—including precise sourcing and reporting—while also using the PSAI Com Portal and Predictive Insights.

To set up lead flow from LISA to PSAI, please reach out to your Spectrum Client Manager. We would be happy to set this up for you.​