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Overview: AI Customer Insights

AI Customer Insights are a PSAI exclusive feature that breaks down your CRM data into a report with actionable insights. Through this interactive report, you can easily explore trends in contacts and uncover which types of homes and homeowners your company best sells to.

What Are the Benefits of AI Customer Insights?

An AI Customer Insights report is a uniquely powerful way to learn about your customer base. By combining your own first-party sales data with PSAI's wide-ranging third-party data partners, you'll be able to determine the best opportunities in your own market.


Your AI Customer Insights report will unlock data-driven insights, patterns, and trends in your customer base. If you are a Spectrum Enterprise customer, then these insights can also be used to create custom audiences based on your current customer profile—resulting in enhanced lead generation campaigns for better conversion and better ROI.

You'll not only get insights into your current customers but will be able to leverage those insights to reach new customers that match your proven profile.

How Do I Get Started?

To generate your custom report, the first step is to export your CRM data to get your sale and no-sale lists. This allows us to chart out key factors such as:

These factors will be aggregated and displayed in your AI Customer Insights report.

To begin the report generation process, please fill out a support ticket.

Where Do I View Insights?

Once we've imported and analyzed your CRM data (which usually takes about a week), your AI Customer Insights will be visible directly in the PSAI platform. Learn how to view insights.


What's Next?

While AI Customer Insights are certainly interesting to know and explore, the point of this report is to take action—and to ultimately generate more leads with better ROI. How does this work? The report can be used to:

  • Train your team
  • Better cater your sales and marketing materials to your audience
  • Better tailor ad copy to your audience

If you are a Spectrum Enterprise or PSAI Ignite customer running paid media campaigns, we can also create a custom audience based on the report and use that audience for ad targeting on Facebook and other platforms.

Custom list building is an integral part of marketing for industry leaders, and through AI Customer Insights and paid media campaigns, you'll be able to leverage the same kind of data and information as the industry’s top spenders.

To learn more about AI Custom Audiences, fill out a support ticket.