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How to Update Your Facebook Billing

In order to use Ads Manager, you'll have to have a valid credit card on file with Facebook. This is because the cost of your ad campaign is billed directly from Facebook; there is no additional cost from PSAI.

If you'd like to change the credit card billed by Facebook, please follow the instructions below. (If you want to change the credit card billed by PSAI, follow these instructions.)

1. Go to Billing & Plan

After logging into PSAI, click Account from the bottom left corner.


Then click Billing & Plan.


2. Click Facebook Ad Account Billing

At the top of the Billing & Plan page, click the pencil icon under Facebook Ad Account Billing.


3. Update in Facebook

Your Facebook Payment Settings will open in a new tab of your browser. Click Add Payment Method to add a new card, or open three-dots menu and click Edit to edit an existing card.


Follow Facebook's provided steps to complete the process.

If you prefer, you can also update your Facebook billing directly through Facebook. Learn more from Facebook's Help Desk: