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What Are AI Recommended Ads?

At the very top of your Ads Manager dashboard, you'll notice a section called "AI Recommended." This brief article explains what AI Recommended ads are and how they work.


What Is AI Recommender?

AI Recommended ads are made just for you based on your company's specific location, products and services, target market, and more. These ads are intelligently generated based on what your company offers and what will best reach your intended audience on Facebook.

How Does AI Recommender Work?

AI Recommender works in the background, so it's constantly updating your ads with more (and better!) options. You don't have to do anything at all; just browse through the AI Recommended section whenever you log into Ads Manager.

Over time, the library of suggested ads will keep changing over time to provide you with new designs, images, and copy to try!

Where Do the AI Recommendations Come From?

Your AI Recommended ads are built around your company's products and geographic service areas. To make sure you're seeing ads that are relevant to what your company does, it's important to keep your company settings updated in PSAI. Learn more below.

Updating Your Products

Keep your products updated to see the most relevant ads recommended to you. Learn how to update your company's products here


Updating Your Areas Served

Your areas served can help define the target audience for your AI Recommended ads. Find out more about setting your geographic service areas here.


How Do I Launch an AI Recommended Ad?

It's very easy to launch your AI Recommended ad. Just click "Generate Ad" on any of the ads that you want to launch.


Generating your ad will take you straight to the ad customizations, where everything will be pre-populated for you by PSAI's intelligent technology.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the Ad Settings, Ad Design, and Lead Capture pages are already completed—as reflected by the green checkboxes. You can edit these pages if you want, or you can go straight to the Launch Parameters page and get your ad launched to Facebook! 


Learn more about editing each of these pages in the resources below:

What Are My Other Options for Creating Ads?

In addition to AI Recommended ads, you can also create a new ad from scratch—either by using a template or starting with a blank custom design. Alternatively, you can duplicate an existing ad as well.

Learn more about these options in the resources below:

If you have any questions about AI Recommended ads, the quickest way to get help is to submit a Support ticket. Fill out a help ticket at this link or open the Help widget in the bottom right corner of the screen.